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portable disinfection unit

Breathing clean air is essential for our health.


MACTAIR™ helps you breathe cleanly through continuous disinfection

of air and surfaces, working overtime to protect you 24/7.


MACTAIR™ utilizes advanced patented technology to generate powerful hydroxyl ions (at -2.8 eV) providing continuous and safe disinfection beyond conventional air filtering systems. 

MACTAIR™ oxidizers actively seek out and eliminate pathogens, viruses, germs, bacteria, allergens, odors, mold, and VOCs in both air and on surfaces.

Our solution ensures safe indoor environments by replicating nature's cleansing effect, enhancing air quality free from harmful pollutants for people and pets.

Available in portable systems for targeted spaces, commercial retrofit units integrated into mechanical air systems, and paint for comprehensive disinfection system protection.

We’re passionate about creating safer, healthier, more productive indoor spaces for all.

What customers are saying

Dr. Nicolas:
After installing the MACTAIR™ integrated ventilation units in our ICU room independent testing for pathogens, including MDR, XDR and PDR revealed they were no longer present in the room. Convinced of the benefits, we asked MACTAIR™ what else could be done to keep viral and pathogen load to a minimum in the hospital critical care areas.  The solution offered was to utilize the AIR-OH™ disinfecting paint.  This was easy and quick to instal and provides added benefit to our patients and staff to keep them safe from in-hospital infection risk.

Dr Nicolas shared with us:
The combined AIR-OH™ proactive disinfection paint and the retrofit ventilation disinfection units have resulted in significant healthcare improvements and financial savings to our hospital. ICU patient stay days reduced between 2 and 4 days at a savings of 1,500 euros / day. 

Greek Airforce:
We placed an initial order for the MACTAIR™ retrofits for our ventilation system and given the feedback from staff and the success in keeping our areas free from viruses we placed a second order for portable units. We are continuing to extend the MACTAIR™ portable unit use and ventilation retrofits to more offices and shared spaces by placing our third order.

Women’s Health Clinic:
We installed MACTAIR™ to provide staff and patients with a Covid-free, healthier indoor air environment and were delighted to learn that their system disinfected our entire facility and removed a chronic odour that turned out to be mold.  We struggled for years to identify and rid our facility of this odour and within 2 days of installing MACTAIR™ our facility was odour free as it had killed the mold at its source, above the suspended ceiling.  This alone will save our company thousands annually in odour control plus we now have disinfection of all air and indoor surfaces 24/7.

Radio Station:
MACTAIR™ was installed to protect our staff and guests from COVID 19 during the pandemic. In addition to providing a safer workplace we realized an unexpected benefit as noted by some of our female employees who often got migraines at work.  Since installing MACTAIR™ they have not had issues with migraines occurring.  Our staff are grateful for the cleaner and safer indoor air.

Our Installation company representative said to us:
“I love your technology.  I am not sure how or why it works, but for two decades I have had issues with fungus under the nails on my hands.  I have been to multiple doctors to find a solution that would fix this issue -  creams, ointments, pills… and nothing has worked.  While installing the MACTAIR™ ventilation systems for a client some of the photocatalytic material got onto my hands and within weeks I noticed my nail discolouration disappearing on the new growth and my doctor confirmed that the fungus had been defeated.   I am so happy, I would be glad to tell everyone how great your product is and how well it worked to kill my fingernail fungus. Thank you!”

A Brokerage Firm:
We are a totally satisfied MACTAIR™ client!  We operate a private brokerage firm in Greece and all of our staff are smokers, therefore we offer a smoking office.  Prior to your solution being installed we had tried expensive HEPA with charcoal filtration, we tried exhaust fans, we left windows open almost year round, we increased our cleaning staff schedule and nothing seemed to clear the smoke smell and the smoke in the air. We gave the MACTAIR™ solution a shot and now we do not have issues with smoke smell and the smoke in the air clears quicker than ever before.   Thank you for making our workplace safer and for improving the quality of air.

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